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Waxhaw, NC Backyard Living

G. Martin January 2020- Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Let me start by saying Seth and Grow Green Landscape Design did a phenomenal job on my paver patio, firepit with sitting wall, and planter. Communication with Seth was amazing throughout all aspects of construction including before, during, and after. Anything that arose during our project were communicated to us clearly and we were able to make decisions on outcome, no matter how small. Seth provided us with an initial plan, which included some great "a la carte" options that we did indeed take advantage of. The attached planter, and columns on the end of the sitting wall being 2 examples. Any options that we did not want were removed from our proposal. We were also provided with a very cool 3D render beforehand that really gave us an idea of how our patio would look. The crew was respectful to both our home, and surrounding homes. Neighbors yards were left completely undisturbed, and the crew cleaned up after themselves each day, and did not as much as leave a water bottle behind. Upon completion they even hosed off my deck which accumulated some dust, and made sure everything looked great. Seth personally visited our home multiple times during each day to make sure everything was going according to plan, and to inquire if we had any concerns. We are thrilled with the final product and would like to thank Seth for his attention to detail, design skills, and giving us the ability to use so much more of our yard!

These Waxhaw, NC homeowners wanted a more usable backyard living space and were seeking a company to design and install a paver patio complete with a seating wall and a fire pit. They hired Grow Green Landscape Design to craft a plan that included their goals and some design suggestions. Upon in-depth review, mutual collaboration with the homeowners and our landscape designer, serious discussions about their budget, and further changes to the preliminary plan, we arrived at the masterpiece project shown in this video. What you will see includes photos from before we broke ground, 3D imaging that was based on the final CAD blueprint plan, some photos during construction, and after photos. You're sure to be amazed at the transformation that only took 5 working days from breaking ground to completion by our hardworking and masterful crews.

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